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Is 'awesome' how people describe your workplace?

An 6-week long individualized coaching and mentoring program for small business owners and leaders of departments or divisions.

This program is designed to connect each individual on team to the highest vision to the individual daily tasks.

The net results are:

  • Full engagement of your people
  • Increased productivity
  • Accountability throughout your team (including YOU)
  • Massive time savings
  • Eliminating ‘busy-work’
  • Reduced conflict
  • Consistent alignment between leader and staff
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Creation of a true team
  • Your people saying ‘My boss is awesome!”

WARNING!  This team leadership training is not for information gatherers.  It is designed for COMMITTED ACTION.

With our training/coaching and your dedication, you will start seeing massive changes in the above right away.  By the end of 6 weeks, IF you stay dedicated and stick with it, your team will be almost unrecognizable.

What do I get?

In 6 short weeks, you will create an awesome level of alignment, accountability, engagement and performance.  Here is what you will receive to help make that a reality:

  • Mindset coaching to ensure you are prepared for the shifts ahead
  • Proven system to connect goals and objectives to purpose
  • Alignment of purpose of organization for each individual
  • Connection of organizational purpose to yearly goals, quarterly objectives and daily tasks
  • Feedback mechanisms to keep each person aligned on a weekly basis
  • Weekly coaching sessions with Be Legendary staff to help you stay on track
  • Expect to spend between 1 and 3 hours per week to achieve awesome, including preparation and coaching time

You will receive unlimited phone and email support throughout the 8 weeks to ensure you are prepared and comfortable at each step.

Ready to Begin?

Provide us with any relevant data – surveys, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, etc.

We meet with you to discuss what success and line out the entire process over the 6 weeks.

Each week we discuss the upcoming step and get you 100% prepared for success.

You have unlimited access to your coach during the 6 weeks to GUARANTEE success and  help you with every step.

At the end of 6 weeks, we meet to examine the goal achieved and strategies to sustain the momentum moving forward.

You will continue to have unlimited access to your coach for another 3 months, just to ensure every question is answer and we have provided you with all possible support.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session and get started becoming an Awesome Boss today.

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