Educator Champions - Be Legendary

High School Principals

The images above is what our world has become. 

On the left is what I saw recently and they were like that the entire time they were in the restaurant.  On the right is how our kids are learning – even through us adults!  In the middle, they are grouped together but STILL LOOKING AT A CAMERA.  

We need them looking at one another, interacting and learning from one another through face to face dialogue conversations.

If we are going to create the leaders we need for the future, we have to step up our game, be better for them, more committed than ever and it has to start now.

Be a conduit for GREAT tools we can share or create to help your teachers and give them the very best tools available.

We are going to be using all the knowledge and experience we have to create interactive ways to impact youth, especially in the social-emotional arena which used to be learned through relationships and is being lost in favor of ‘screen time’.

Join our list so you can be notified when new experience have been created.  Even if you only use 1 in a 100 of them, it will be worth it.  And costs you nothing!

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