Step 4 - EnableMany employee engagement initiatives work hard to ‘engage’ without actually enabling them to achieve results.

Enabling includes:

  • Tools necessary to be productive
  • Training in ‘soft’ and hard skills to be effective
  • Proper rituals and behaviors that align with culture

There are dozens of tools and training that are applicable to enabling your people in the right way.  We will help you select the best tools and training and put them on a timeline consistent with your engage step.

Engaging with out enabling employees does more damage than if you did not engage them at all.  With true engagement, you get your people emotionally involved in the outcome of the organization.  If not given the tools to be successful, you are making it impossible to for the person to be effective, which is a horrible feeling.

There is an exit point after each piece of the cycle.  If you do a poor job, the person will become:

  • disengaged
  • actively disengaged – meaning sabotaging
  • an ex-employee

Not only is this costly, having disengaged and active saboteurs will quickly destroy your hard-earned culture.  This cost is far greater than simple turnover.  However, turnover and retention of first-year new-hires is a good place to begin looking.

As you are enabling your people, you must empower them as well.

Next Step:  Empower

Authentic Engagement Cycle Links:

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