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Trusted Advisor

Most leaders struggle with people-problems, even the best ones.

You don’t need another employee, you need a trusted source for guidance on people-related decisions, insights into employee behavior, a sounding board, and other people-related challenges that give you headaches.

Trusted Advisor will help you make better decisions, communicate more clearly and build a better company.

When you join our Trusted Advisor circle, you get expertise from the entire Be Legendary team as well as support and guidance from others in the circle.

Fractional Chief People Officer

A fractional chief people officer (CPO) is a part-time or fractional executive who provides small businesses leadership and guidance on people-related matters.

Fractional CPO provides you precisely the expertise you need and as much ‘horsepower’ as you need for as long as you need it to achieve your outcomes.

You get the expertise of our ENTIRE team while only developing a relationship with your single Chief People Officer.  We do the work, you get the benefit of a team of experts to help with your people.

Your 'People System' -
Talent Optimization

Did you see the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt?

Talent Optimization achieves the same outcomes for your business.  It is a discipline that helps leaders close the talent gap and solve their business problems once and for all by aligning your people strategy with your business strategy.

Using a proven four-step process and data analytics approach, we can look at the entire company while quickly zeroing in on a single team and even a person to help them reach their fullest potential.  Like I said, Moneyball for business!  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should.

We are the Anti-Consultants

We don't just tell you what to do and wish you good luck as we wave goodbye.

We get our hands dirty and help you execute the solutions we suggest to actually achieve something.

Think of us like professional mixologists.

There are many ingredients we could use to create the perfect beverage.  What you like can and should change throughout your life, during different seasons and even the time of day.

Knowing what you like historically and today (internal) then combining what is happening around you - season, time of day, etc (external), we create the PERFECT beverage for you.

We are able to take your company, the quirks, the cool parts and mix it all together to create the exact mix - that SOMETHING - that has been missing to help you create something legendary.

Some perfect 'beverages' in the past have been 'extreme' retreats for executives where they thought they might die (don't worry - they were safe), culture sessions (Culture Accelerator) for 600 different groups in 6 months in 4 continents, riding bikes with Mayors to setting Guinness World Records with 6,000 people.

We have helped small businesses in turnarounds (Fractional Chief People Officer) and helped take others from 10's of millions to over a billion.  Each company has the same ingredients - strategy, people, process, technology - but is also unique in some ways.  That's the 'juice' and we squeeze it for all it is worth to take you where you want to go.

We can create and execute this kind of tailored solution flawlessly because we are experts in the ingredients of our trade - human potential.  Plus, we know how to combine them perfectly.  After doing this for 20 years, we are damn good.

Yeah - mixologists.  But mixologists of COMPLETELY awesome, life-changing experiences to transform leaders and build entire companies long-term.

A few testimonials from REAL people:

Seriously, these people really said this awesome stuff!  How great is that?!


This was the most impactful time I have spent for personal reflection and team building in 2019. Highlights for me: (1)immediate areas for team growth which are achievable (James assists to driving what those are and how you as a team will implement those), (2) defining how we will be a team to each other first which ultimately supports others in a more unified way, (3) Yes… and

Liz Pittoni

You walk away feeling inspired to grow.

James Carter has a great way of capturing your attention with his thought provoking activities and messages. As a participant, you walk away feeling inspired to grow yourself, help others, and, as James would say, ‘Be Legendary’.

Mark Williams
Coakley & Williams Hotel Management Company

A system to help scientifically build our teams

Team Building 3.0 (Now called TEAMWORX) was exactly what we were looking for, except we didn’t know it. We were initially looking for a simple event. Now we have a system to help scientifically build our teams - a game-changer for our business.

Kelly Wilson

Innovative approach to meeting, training and organizational needs.

James Carter is a very creative, talented and trustworthy man who I have known since 2000. Entrepreneurial and hard-working, he is meticulous about ensuring integrity in everything he does. Not only has he been a very successful owner of a highly regarded training company that he founded, but he combines that with a social conscience and a sincere desire to help others. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an original, innovative approach to meeting, training and organizational needs.

David Gerard
Korn Ferry Principal Consultant

Leadership in the Knowledge Economy

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams

Knowledge Workers create value with their mind instead of their hands.

Those who lead these people must take greater care of the hearts and minds of Knowledge Workers.

Most companies teach their leaders to ‘manage’ their people as if they were line workers of a factory.  It simply will not work.

Great leaders of Knowledge Workers are very careful to create exactly the right kind of physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual (beliefs, not religion) environments for their team.  When done right, you ‘pull’ your team into the kind of performance that every single person appreciates.  It just feels fantastic!

Even great leaders need the best tools and the best development.  We help leaders:

  • use predictive data to make better decisions for their people
  • build ‘high performance’ teams meaning they get shit done and love doing it together
  • develop high performing teams, aligned across the organization, no matter where they sit
  • engage their people at a deep, fundamental beliefs and values level
  • deeply connect with one another at unique meetings, retreats and leadership team opportunities (pre and post COVID – see examples below)
  • develop into legendary leaders through structured coaching programs and unique tools

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