Business context MUST frame talent endeavors.

Talent optimization is informed by business strategy and it produces desired business results.

In this way, business context “wraps” talent optimization. It provides essential context that will guide everything you do, from designing your organization’s structure to evaluating the abilities of your senior leadership team.

What 'talent endeavors' are we talking about?

Validated Hiring

Reduce time and effort trying to find the right candidate, void mishires, and stop turnover with validated hiring assessments that includes customized interview questions for each candidate.

Leadership Development

Turn ineffective managers into top leaders with deeply personalized recommendations for manager/report and personalized ways to motivate each person..

Team Development

Know yourself and how you influence your team.  Know your team and where you fit to make it a stronger team.  Know the strategy and how you and your team are aligned to execute.

Employee Engagement

Enjoy 23% higher profitability, 43% less turnover and 66% higher well-being when you intentionally engage your people.  We have the exact tool you need.

Talent optimized companies spend 45% less time dealing with people problems.

Most companies don’t know how to assemble high-performing teams.

They don’t know how to manage their people in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.
Leaders create a business strategy.
Leaders monitor business results.
The same, incredibly smart leaders fail to do the key “people work” in between to execute the business strategy.
WHY?  Because there is no system in place to help them and let’s be honest – as a group, people are challenging and there is virtually zero training on people systems for any leader.
Impact?  The company fails to reach it’s goals, results suffer and leaders use many have been taught – fear-based motivation.
We have a system!
Talent optimization is a system you can replicate to create high-performing leaders at EVERY LEVEL.  These leaders will align your business strategy with your people strategy and far exceed business results.

Most leaders struggle with people problems, even CEOs

In 2019, Predictive Index surveyed 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople for the Annual CEO Benchmarking Report. We learned that four of their five biggest business challenges were all about talent challenges.

So why is it such a struggle to hire, engage, and retain top talent?

Why do groups struggle to work together? Why is it so difficult to coach and motivate employees to work at their max capacity to achieve business goals?
These are all questions you’ve probably asked yourself before.

This is why you’re not hitting your business goals.

Our CEO survey revealed that 52 percent of the CEOs didn’t achieve their strategic goals in 2018. What’s causing this gap between goals and results?

Senior leaders develop a business strategy and they decide which operational and financial metrics they’ll measure to determine success. But what sits between the strategy and the results are people. And too many leaders don’t have an end-to-end talent strategy that works.

Good news: A solution exists to close the gap, and it’s called talent optimization.  Below is a brief overview.

Be Legendary is the ONLY leadership development company
combining data-driven talent optimization with
transformational experiences to mobilize
individuals, teams and organizations to

create legendary workplaces.

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

We are the Anti-Consultants

We don't just tell you what to do and wish you good luck as we wave goodbye.

We get our hands dirty and help you execute the solutions we suggest to actually achieve something.

Think of us like professional mixologists.

There are many ingredients we could use to create the perfect beverage.  What you like can and should change throughout your life, during different seasons and even the time of day.

Knowing what you like historically and today (internal) then combining what is happening around you - season, time of day, etc (external), we create the PERFECT beverage for you.

We are able to take your company, the quirks, the cool parts and mix it all together to create the exact mix - that SOMETHING - that has been missing to help you create something legendary.

Some perfect 'beverages' in the past have been 'extreme' retreats for executives where they thought they might die (don't worry - they were safe), culture sessions (Culture Accelerator) for 600 different groups in 6 months in 4 continents, riding bikes with Mayors to setting Guinness World Records with 6,000 people.

We have helped small businesses in turnarounds (Fractional Chief People Officer) and helped take others from 10's of millions to over a billion.  Each company has the same ingredients - strategy, people, process, technology - but is also unique in some ways.  That's the 'juice' and we squeeze it for all it is worth to take you where you want to go.

We can create and execute this kind of tailored solution flawlessly because we are experts in the ingredients of our trade - human potential.  Plus, we know how to combine them perfectly.  After doing this for 20 years, we are damn good.

Yeah - mixologists.  But mixologists of COMPLETELY awesome, life-changing experiences to transform leaders and build entire companies long-term.

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