Create a Defining Moment for your people and change a child's life forever.

Conferences in the thousands to meetings as small as 5 people.

Be Legendary Defining Moment Experiences are highly adaptable from one hour to multi-day initiatives to engage your people.

Complete Conference Experience

Our team will look at every aspect of the meeting from being picked up at the airport to lunches on the patio to find small ways to reinforce the true purpose of your meeting naturally.

With every small improvement, we begin to create something magical as the meeting builds.  Including a capstone activity like one of our Emotional Experiences (see samples below) will guarantee the meeting will never be forgotten!

Leaders of a retreat or small meeting

We have amazing philanthropic and community-based experiences to run at your meeting. We have created transformational experiences for people for over 15 years.  We know this because we still get calls and emails from participants YEARS later.

Important parameters for us to know are he size of the group, the time you have set aside and your budget.  Beyond that, the only limitation is our collective imagination!

Meeting Planners

Many launches, leadership off-sites, annual sales meetings and more all require some kind of activity to bring everyone together and help them feel connected, experience some meaning to the time spent and believe that the conference or meeting is a valuable use of time.

We have provided over 300 experiences over 15 years.  Meetings up to 2,500 are easily facilitated and between 500 and 1,000 are common.

Our activities are seamless with the rest of your offering and we make it VERY easy to work with us consistently.

Building A Dream

A project to give bicycles to children whose families are not favored by fortune.  The video below was an event for 500 people and from Bayer Diabetes Healthcare and 100 children in Phoenix.

Sole Purpose

Assemble shoes for children around the world who are shoeless.  Hold a shoe drive to have even greater impact.  In large conferences, we create MOUNTAINS of assembled and donated shoes.  For effect, include a GlassWalk!

Power of reCreation

A project that brings out creativity while creating a world-changing product using recycled materials.

Only A Minute

A version of the game show that combines hysterical fun and MAJOR amounts of community giving.

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