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“Extreme Retreats”

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“The Stuff of Legend”!

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Why ‘Extreme’ Executive Team Building?

We provide extreme scenarios to quickly break through the thick protective shell that executives build over a lifetime.  This is not for kicks or an adrenaline rush.  We have VERY limited time to get to the authentic people inside those shells and frankly, fear is the best way to achieve this with most executives.

After the ‘shells’ are cracked wide open, hope is poured in to complete the transformation.  The goal is to create such a complete transformation that individuals, and the team, can NEVER go back to who they were.

Extreme retreats are not for everyone!  Then again, legendary is not for everyone either

Are you ready?

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Epic Pittsfield!

Beautiful, yet the challenge of your life.   Surrounded by world-class athletes, world-class minds and world-class effort, complete individual and team transformation is the only possible result.

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Off-Road Immersion

The legendary trail awaits you and your team.  This experience will challenge your team, your vehicles and your trust.  Highly modified off-road vehicles are prepared, the extreme awaits your courage.  Are you prepared?

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Winter Survival

Avalanche!  Without warning, your group is thrust into a winter survival scenario.  While completely safe, the group MUST work together, protect one another and build shelters to survive the night.

  1. seaplane
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Alaska Baby!

While flying to a remote location, the plane runs into trouble and the group is now in survival mode.  Many have seen TV shows about Alaska and this is it in all it’s rawness.  True teamwork, trust, communication, leadership – it all becomes very real, very fast.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A retreat that never stops, we use travel to our advantage as a method of discovery, awareness and challenge.  With individual and team physical challenges, the group accomplishes the greatest challenge – deep trust through intimate moments.

  1. enchantment-lakes
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Human Power

A journey into extreme begins with a simple backpacking experience.  Participants are challenged in every way – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Fitness not required and ‘toughness’ will be learned through increasing and embracing stress.

Custom Extreme Retreats

Above are examples of retreats, many of which were designed and executed based upon a client’s outcomes.

We would be happy to help tailor a current retreat or create a 100% customizable retreat for your team.  Call us at 800-513-8759 to discuss your needs, challenges and desired outcomes!

Format follows Function

You may be interested in a particular retreat because it excites you.  However, we MUST ensure that the retreat format creates an environment for the right outcomes to become self-evident (the function).  Otherwise, this will simply be an expensive tour.

Remember, the goal is individual and team transformation.

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