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Learn about YOU as a leader

Take a simple 4-6 minute assessment and schedule time to discuss your results.  Click RIGHT HERE.

Right after taking the assessment, you will receive an email with your results and a calendar for you to find a time to schedule a time that works for you.  This step is 100% FREE.  If you get your results and are not interested in talking about them – don’t schedule a time on our calendar!

Learn about your team

We will send the same 4-6 minute assessment to your team and we will schedule a time with the team to cover the results in a Discovery Team Session that takes two hours.  We give teams roughly a week to take their assessment will keep you updated.

Align you, your team and your strategy

Hold a session with your team to discover your team type and discuss the strategy necessary to achieve the results you want.  Through this facilitated process with Be Legendary facilitators, you will align your leadership with your team and your strategy to achieve the business results that are critical to your team.

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