Founder and CEO James Carter has co-authored three books with authors such as Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard,  and Brian Tracy.

Roadmap to SuccessRoadmap-to-Success-cover

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Roadmap is a mini-seminar on how to plan for your success. The successful people in this book have the experience that will help you find what you need to create your road map to success.

We all have been challenged in business and in our professional lives before. The stories contained within these pages are of struggle and success strategies of the very best in their fields. To succeed, learn from someone who has traveled down the path you are beginning upon. Learn from others mistakes to ensure YOUR SUCCESS!

I invite you to set aside some quiet time and learn from these exceptional authors, I assure you that your time will be spent wisely. It\\\’s not often that you can access such a large quantity of quality information that will either get you started or help you get further along on your road to success. This book is an investment in your future, your future of success!

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Discover Your Inner Strength

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This book reveals cutting edge growth strategies from leading experts. Each author offers their own deep insights on how to discover and leverage one\\\’s inner strength. Authors include James Carter (Be Legendary), Stephen Covey (Seven HabitDiscover-your-inner-strength-covers of Highly Effective People), Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), Brian Tracy (Million Dollar Habits), and other experts.

James Carter explains how to Lick the Sticky Wicket and perform when life throws you something challenging, Stephen Covey presents A Value-Based Approach, Ken Blanchard discusses Attitude is Everything, and Brian Tracy explains Using Strategy to Discover Your Inner Strength. This book will give you powerful new approaches and techniques in addition to those that you found in books by Marcus Buckingham and Tom Rath. So read this book to discover your inner strength.

James Carter begins with a tool called the 5 Whys to help you discover your own motivation and underlying strengths. Next he helps readers examine their personal stories and find evidence of their strengths, showing them how to build upon both success and failures to increase and magnify their strengths. Finally, James helps readers how to overcome fear and build upon their strengths using Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs. Through this three-step process, readers will have a better understanding of how to discover their inner strengths, build upon their best strengths and overcome the fear that prevents our strengths from surfacing when we need it most in life s greatest equalizer, emotional crisis.

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