Defining Moments

in your Employee Experience

A light in the dark changes everything.
We are the best in the world at creating experiences that

Connect your people to the
soul of your company.

Conferences & Large Scale Events

From Guinness World Records to initiatives to hundreds of experiences rolled out in a tight timeline to a single large event, we have executed it flawlessly.

You may need to theme a conference and make the theme experiential in as many ways possible – yep, done that many times!

What about increasing participant engagement in every way imaginable?  Oh yes, we can help you with that.

True Story:
A client gave us an almost impossible task:  With only two months to plan, create an event with 5,000 adults  1,000 kids and assemble/inspect/distribute 1,000 bikes in under 60 minutes at 7:00 PM on a weekday.  If we achieved it, we would set a Guinness World Record and the event would be attended by the Mayor and Governor.  In other words, VERY high profile and a LOT of potential challenges.  Just getting 1,000 kids at 7:00 PM on a weekday was a monumental effort.  But we did it and with AMAZING results.  The World Record was set and we want to break it again with another company.  Who’s next?!

Bottom line, you are bringing people together and need to make it unforgettable.  You need to call us!

Look at our conference or large group defining moments for your people.

Leadership Development

A recent client with offices worldwide and high on the list of Fortune 100 Best Companies said they hired us because we are ‘the voice of crazy’.  We realized they are right.  We are fearless in what we will do with people to help them experience ‘legendary’ and help them shift their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Gathering leaders together to become better is expensive.  And ridiculously important.  Do not waste their time on silly activities that insult their intelligence.  Leaders have an enormous capacity to shape the lives of so many people.  Help them experience what that feels like and connect it back to who they are as HUMANS, not simply leaders.

True Story:
A long-time client had a yearly executive development program for two weeks in NY.  Leaders who were being groomed to be next generation executives would fly in from around the world on a Sunday and would be hitting the ground hard and fast on Monday.  The client needed the leaders to already be a tight-knit, trusting group willing to be vulnerable that Monday morning.

Using the natural abundance in the organization we created an experience using the busy Manhattan streets to connect these strangers together.  We used the fact that many of them were absolutely jet-lagged from travel and pushed them even further into absolute exhaustion.  As a result of all of their hard, meaningful work in NY, they then got to meet some uniquely special young women and change their lives forever – the adults, not the children.  The ‘leaders’ who started the experience were now simply human beings sharing an incredible experience, hugging one another and crying as they left the children.  There was no stranger among them and Monday AM, they were completely vulnerable and hit the ground running.

From redesigning year-long executive development to bringing your content to life, we have done it many times and will help you too!

Training & Development

Every company has training and lets be honest, most of it really sucks.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Most ‘training’ is a version of Sit-and-Get.  Or the more insidious, Sit Down Shut Up and Learn.

Go to a class, a conference or most learning environments and you sit down, be quiet and listen to the expert ‘teach’ you.  Usually through some form of PowerPoint in a darkened room.  This is the death of learning.

Experience is the best teacher, so it is said.  So use experiences in your learning sessions.  Help people interact with the content and each other and true learning and development will result.

True Story:
Years and years ago when dinosaurs roamed the classroom, we audited a sexual harassment course, 3 times on a single day for a blue collar, male dominated department.  Obviously, we didn’t commit suicide but it was the most awful two hours, three times in a row, we have EVER experienced.

On the ride home, we redesigned the workshop and ran it the next day for our client.  Participant engagement was through the roof and we had to kick out the participants at the end.  In the follow-up surveys, the participants said it was the best ‘team building’ they had ever had.

We swore that day to save as many people as possible from horrible training.  Do we need to help with your people too?

Auditing current training and making it more experiential is certainly a great place to start with many companies, a ‘baby-step’, of sorts.

Nearly every aspect of Training and Development could be more interactive, more HUMAN, and designed to reinforce the beliefs, values and ‘the way we do things around here’ of your organization.

Employee Engagement

We love this little chestnut.  What a load of bullshit most of these ‘programs’ truly are.  Every executive wants the statistics that come along with high employee engagement.  The list of positives is amazing!  However, many leaders want to simply ‘check the employee engagement’ box and expect to get results.  Good employee engagement initiatives have deep commitment from leadership.

Even with great, committed leadership and good intentions, ‘plug-and-play’ using industry best practices simply does not work.

True story: 
Company A & B were both top companies in the same industry.  Company A had an amazing employee engagement initiative that everyone lived, heart and soul.  Their turnover was lower, customers were happier and the revenue was higher, among other great attributes.

Company B hired away the creators of the amazing initiative and asked them to ‘install’ the same employee engagement system throughout Company B.  There was great hope and excitement throughout the leadership team with speculation about how great their company would become.  These were good leaders with big hearts and highly numbers focused (which is why the initiative looked so great).

The employee engagement initiative was shut down after two agonizing years.  It never could get off the ground correctly and was considered a punchline from the employees.

The ‘Operating System’ of Company B was different from Company A.  Like installing an Android app on an IPhone, it just won’t work.  There was never any real chance of the initiative working correctly in Company B like it did in Company A.

Unfortunately, the failure has now poisoned future employee related initiatives as there is even lower trust from front line employees to leadership.

Keep in mind, Company B had the right kind of leaders, well intentioned and with big hearts.  Many company leaders are simply checking the ’employee engagement’ box like the ‘sexual harassment’ box and expecting change.  It simply doesn’t work that way.

At Be Legendary, we help you find your company’s soul and help people live it, connecting heart and mind to outcome.  THAT is engagement.  HUMAN ENGAGEMENT, not ’employee engagement’.

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