Does your organization connect
with THIS
kind impact and emotion?

More than a ‘program’,
this is authentic social responsibility.

More than doing good, it is good business!

Your organization can
and should
have this level of impact for
your customers,
your employees and
your community.

Welcome to the future of business!

The complete integration of business success and
social impact through shared value.


Leaders in organizations are creating a better world
by  their abundance to create shared value and impact
their people and communities. 


These same organizations are experiencing:

  • Increased revenue

  • Increased profitability

  • Decreased turnover

  • Happiness and joy at work!  Crazy right?  Not at all…

Corporate Social Responsibility is the heartbeat of engaging your people.  Below is a bit more about how we help leaders in organizations.

The right social impact / responsibility is like jet-fuel for the people in your organization.

True corporate social responsibility is an authentic extension of the services your provide or the products you sell as well as the way you execute throughout the entire organization.Legendary Sweet Spot

Be Legendary can assist you with your entire CSR endeavor:

  • Community Engagement
  • Volunteerism Programs
  • Steering Committees
  • Strategic Communication
  • Impact Measurement

People in your organization, when connected to the value of what you provide and feel a part of doing good in the world, will work harder, be more productive, be more trusting – be more engaged in their work.

At it’s heart, CSR MUST be an internal, embedded part of your organization. Consultants can be extremely helpful in providing direction and speeding up the process, however the initiative must come from a true desire to positively impact the world and specifically from leadership. Look for consultants that will help you marshal all of your current resources and work themselves out of the ‘job’ as quickly as possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility, as a stand-alone entity within the organization, is one leg of a stool and fairly useless without support from other areas. See the graphic to the right so you can see how Social Responsibility connects with Leadership and Employee Engagement.

*Caution* – if the drive to be socially responsible is simply a ‘nice’ endeavor within the organization, it will not thrive. It will feel inauthentic to your people and will actually cause damage to trust throughout and especially toward senior management, negatively impacting other initiatives.

The power of social responsibility is in engaging your people to not just participate, but be an integral part of the process that connects them deeply to values and beliefs that resonate. When you connect your social responsibility to a person’s daily tasks, motivation and commitment occur naturally.

Why Social Impact?

Your business can change the world.
Define ‘world’  for yourself –
your community, your employees, your country, or literally, the entire world.

When you impact the ‘world’ authentically,
you also improve your bottom line.
It is the natural consequence.
Sorry, just the way it goes.

Fact #1—Companies with a clearly defined sense of purpose are up to 50% more likely to successfully expand into a new market.
Source: The Business Case for Purpose

Fact #2—50% of millennials say they would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values.
Source: The Deloitte Millennial Survey

Fact #3—Half of employees believe their employer should connect them with opportunities for charitable engagement.
Source: America’s Charities Snapshot

Fact #4—71% of U.S. millennials hope companies will take the lead on the social issues they find important.
Source: 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study 2017

Fact #5—40% of consumers seek purposeful brands and trust in brands to act in the best interest of society.
Source: GlobeScan + BBMG

Fact #6—64% of respondents believe CEOs should take the lead on change rather than waiting for government to impose it.
Source: Edelman Trust Barometer

Fact #7—Employees who have a chance to give to charities through their workplace are happier than those who do not.
Source: Harvard Business School

76% of people surveyed believe companies can support good causes AND make money at the same time.

This is a 33% increase from 2008 and major shift in the acceptance of companies and brands doing well while doing good!

2012 Edelman Goodpurpose Survey

87% percent of people that believe companies should be at least as concerned with societal interests as with business interests.

A major shift in the perception of social responsibility of business.

Edelman Goodpurpose Survey, 2012

Creating shared value
IS social responsibility!

Today’s great organizations create shared value, connecting people tightly to who they are and what they provide.

We can help you deepen and widen your social impact by amplifying your shared value.

Here are a few companies
creating awesome impact
through shared value:

Zappos is an online shoe store.  That’s it!  You can buy shoes anywhere.  What makes them so special?

Southwest’s planes fly through the air just like other airlines, yet their employees LUV them and so do LOTS of customers.

Apple is a technology manufacturer just like dozens of others yet they have impacted the world through their innovations, several times.

TOMS is the fastest growing shoe manufacturers in history during one of of the worst recessions in history.

Nordstrom is a very nice store to buy very nice stuff but you can buy nice stuff at hundreds of stores.  Why are their customers SO incredibly loyal?

The Ritz has amazing buildings and rooms, but there is no shortage of 5-star hotels to spend your money and stay the night.  Why does the Ritz have such loyalty from customers and employees.

The difference for all of these businesses?  Their social impact is ‘baked’ into their company’s operating system and is congruent with everything they do.


While these are well known companies, YOU can have the same kind of awesome impact they do as an individual or organization.  You just may not be famous….  Yet!

These organizations positively impacting the world are legendary.
Many are just not famous… yet!


Impossible?  Not even close.
Sexy?  Sometimes.
Tedious?  Sometimes.
Legendary results? Every time.

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

The greater the success of the organization,
the greater the impact.

Organizations that connect these two authentically are legendary.
Are you one of them?

Our role is to help guide you to impact the world in your special way, to create incredible business results that allow your impact to grow and, in the end, achieve your version of legendary.

Are you ready to make a greater impact,
using what you have in abundance already?

Schedule a Strategy Session
and begin making a greater difference immediately.

How else do we help organizations?

employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, leadership

smallServices for businesses from 5 to 500, or for managers looking to make a change in their plant, division or location.  We can help launch your growing company and deeply connect your people to your vision and the organization.

mediumMedium sized business are in a challenging position – the need to grow yet not big enough to have a dedicated staff of professionals who can help lead you in your growth.  This is where we can help you most.

fortune-500Large organizations have all the resources they need.  We can help you in specific areas in which only our organization has expertise – high-touch engagement and enterprise-wide initiatives that connect your Leaders to Employees to your CSR.

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