If your employees won $10 million in the lottery today, would they come to work tomorrow?

Engaged employees would come to work.

Well, 63% of them would according to a recent Gallup study. Employee engagement is THE economic advantage for many organizations. People engaged in organization increase revenue, increase profitability and reduce costs.

Employee Engagement Cycle

More specifically, engaged employees are more productive, more creative and innovative, have fewer accidents, increase shareholder value, have fewer absent days, increased longevity in employment, increase profitability and even margin for their companies.

Best of all, engaged employees are infectious.  They create the ‘culture’ of the organizations that encourages deeper engagement and discourages the people who are there for a paycheck.

The Authentic Engagement Cycle is designed to take the best practices of World-Class organizations and tweak them to create your unique, authentic methodology of engaging every person who touches your organization.

Be Legendary can help you at every stage of the cycle:

Spark Recruiting – create engagement right away and include your culture into your unique recruiting process.  This is especially true if you have a quirky, fun or even strange culture.  You need to filter out the people who will not fit.
Ignition – an onboarding process that indoctrinates your new people into your specific culture, formal and informal.
Engage – connect heart and mind to the daily work and tasks.
Enable – provide the tools your people need to accomplish the tasks and exceed expectation.
Empower – your people must be given the trust and responsibility to be successful.
Sustain – measure (not just once per year) and communicate clearly and often.

Employee Engagement 2.0

Kevin Kruse defines employee engagement in his book: love-my-job

“The emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals, resulting in the use of discretionary effort.”

Employee engagement is a feeling, an emotion every leader must deeply understand.  Employee Engagement is a leadership discipline, not a goal to be achieved and not a series of numbers to look at on a spreadsheet.

We spent 10 years studying legendary people and found a simple, repeatable process to engage people in life and create a legendary organization.

We look forward to helping you create your version of ‘legendary’ and create a workplace that is a high-performing, awesome place to spend one-third of your life!

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