Step 5 - EmpowerA common exit point for many employees.  Feeling powerless in your situation is one of the most damaging emotions that exists.

You are connecting your people emotionally.  If the emotion they are feeling is powerlessness, they will have no alternative to disengaging, or worse, actively sabotaging.

This is the worst of all possible outcomes.

How do you empower your people?  It is both simple and challenging.  However, if you have Engaged and Enabled them properly, it will be easier.

Here are some common empowering guidelines for you to give yourself a spot-check:

  • Consistent feedback mechanisms (that work!)
  • Performance guidance, more than once per year
  • Reinforced alignment of purpose and vision
  • Intelligent disobedience – do you allow it?

There are other ways to empower your people and seeking outside assistance to ensure you are on track can be critical.

Authentic Engagement Cycle Links:

Spark : Ignition : Engage : Enable : Empower : Sustain

For small businesses and individual departments, check out

8 Weeks to Awesome!  We focus on everything within your control – Engage, Enable and Empower.

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