Step 3 - EngageAs your people launch into their new role with you, creating true engagement means connecting an emotional connect to the organization.

The best engagement initiatives begin with recruiting (SPARK), continues through onboarding (IGNITION) and fully embraces people throughout their employment.

As with every step in the Authentic Engagement Cycle, your engagement should and will differ from other organizations based upon your vision, values, habits and more.

Typical Authentic Engagement includes:

  • Recognition by leadership
  • Team building programs
  • Connected to CSR
  • High trust relationships

There are dozens of other best practices to authentically engage your people and connect heart and mind to the vision of the organization.  We will help you select the ones that fit naturally and will move your people to the next step.

Next Step:  Enable

Authentic Engagement Cycle Links:

Spark : Ignition : Engage : Enable : Empower : Sustain

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