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Step 2 - IgnitionUsing the right onboarding process is critical to the ultimate success of your people.

More importantly, using YOUR unique onboarding process is critical to the success of your company.

IGNITION is designed to take the very best practices for onboarding and orientation and create an authentic process that fits into your Authentic system.  We will help you examine best practices and use the ones that best fit to take the SPARK and truly ignite the person.

As with each phase of the Authentic Engagement Cycle – your onboarding process must be uniquely yours.

People automatically begin each new job with mostly hope and a little fear.  Meaning, you have an incredible moment to create magic in that new person that will impact everyone they touch.

This is your best opportunity to indoctrinate them to the vision and culture of the organization as well as the dozens of small details that compose your informal culture, or ‘the way we do things around here’.

IGNITION is your opportunity to take the SPARK of hope and turn it into something special.  Among the many opportunities are:

  • Aligning vision
  • Clarity of purpose of the organization and how it intersects with individual purpose.
  • Define support for each person.
  • Clearly outline how each person brings value to the organization.

Many organizations make the mistake of rushing through the ‘new-hire orientation’ as quickly as possible to get the ‘new-hire’ working and productive as soon as possible.  This is a MISTAKE.

It is simple impossible to get a person truly up to speed in a matter of a few hours.  However, it makes perfect sense to break the onboarding into digestible pieces. Also, using a blended approach makes a great deal of sense as well.  However, be careful of using only an online approach for your onboarding.  It is very valuable and useful, but has severe limitations.

Engaging as many pieces of the organization, and people, as possible in IGNITION helps the new and current people in the process.  Re-igniting current employees is extremely helpful to ensure the values and beliefs of the organization are consistent throughout.

100 Days
Begin thinking, right now, about the first 100 days of a new person.  While you can get them up and running, productive and happy in the first 5 minutes, you need to think long-term and continually be making efforts to wrap in the best of the organization into the new person’s role.

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