Spark Recruiting

Step 1 - SparkSPARK – creating the flash of interest that burns hot and bright for each person who is interested in your organization.  Not only will you find the right person through this process, if done right, you will create a host of evangelists for your organization.

Spark is a consulting service that helps you create your own perfect recruiting system for your company. We assist you at every step to help you and your staff put the pieces together to create this system:

  1. Examine your current culture objectively – You currently have a culture.  Is it the culture you want?
  2. Vision of the culture you WANT to have – Identify the ideal culture.  What would that look like?  We will use this to help select best practices from the many that are available.
  3. Examine best practices in your industry – You must review the best practices from the right type of organization you WANT to be, not the organization you are.  The best practices of a Fortune 100 company may be helpful, but if you are a startup technology company,
  4. Help you create the perfect system.
  5. Test for authenticity, scalability and flexibility – your recruiting must be systemized to create both scalability and flexibility that fits YOUR organization, not another organization.  This is what makes it authentic.  It is uniquely yours and will deliver the results – the right people – that belong in your organization.
  6. Continually refine – recruiting never ends and your system must be evaluated to ensure it is bringing the right people into the organization.

Recruiting is not just an Human Resource objective.  Recruiting is the responsibility of each individual.  When you have an Authentic Engagement with your people, recruiting becomes a natural extension for each person.

Recruiting never ends, even for the people who are already a part of your organization.  How are you continually recruiting them?

Once you have this system in place, it is time for onboarding, or IGNITION!

Authentic Engagement Cycle Links:

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