Executive Team Building

A critical element to the success of the organization.

Executives must be 100% engaged and working as a single unit to be truly effective.  Executives are both complex and simple.  They are extremely savvy and knowledgeable yet at the same time, very human.  Much of the time, the human side is forgotten and we expect executives to simply be performance machines.

Our Executive Team Building services include:

  • Executive Team Alignment – Bringing together a group of executives and creating a trust-based team is one of our most frequent services provided.  At the most basic level, does your executive team share common values and beliefs?  How do these beliefs resonate with the vision and mission of the organization?  What behaviors are you exhibiting that help others see you living the values and beliefs?
    • Use a metric-based system to understand group dynamics and personal interaction.
    • Trust Development – learning to establish and deepen trust among individuals of the executive team.
  • Team Coaching – Sports teams practice 98% of the time and perform 2% of the time.  Executive teams perform 99.xx% of the time and leave almost no time for practice.  Yet, everyone expects VERY high performance from the team.  You need a coach.
  • Strategic Intervention for Teams and Individuals – there are times when crisis of any kind can hit any executive or executive team.  Managing through this process many times requires professional assistance for a short period of time.  Recognizing the need and taking action for outside help is a sign of strength.
  • Extreme Retreats – with so little time available to executive teams, ‘extreme’ measures must sometimes be taken to ‘crack’ the executive shell and let the authenticity pour out.
  • Executive Launch – a customized, year-long program designed to transform your team and the individuals on the team and launch your organization into your version of legendary.
  • X3 – Extreme Executive Experience – a 90-day challenge of body, heart, mind and spirit as a team to abandon your shell and become a legendary team.
  • Executive Coaching – every superstar needs a coach to continue to improve.

The single greatest common denominator to successful, high-performing teams is the willingness to set time aside to practice being a team, behaving as a team and taking risks while supporting one another.  There is no single ‘magic bullet’ that will create a true executive team.

We look forward to working with your executives to continue your success on your road to legendary.

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