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You will be sent an email outlining the questions and information below.  You may want to review it right now.  You are ALWAYS welcome to call us right away at 800-513-8759.

Our Extreme Retreats are just that – extreme, and they are not for every group.  For the most part, these retreats tend to be a last resort when a group is stuck.  However, they have also been rewards as well – an incentive trip for the top salespeople in the organization, sometimes with their spouses.

In order to best help you in our conversation, there are a few questions we will ask you:

  • What is the #1 challenge you are facing right now?
  • What is the #1 strength your team has that can be leveraged?
  • What do you want people walking away thinking?  Feeling?  Saying to one another?
  • Is there a specific change you are seeking among your team?
  • What is your budget?  Typically the greater the budget, the more ‘extreme’ we can make it.  Only a general rule.  However, we will need a range before any planning can take place.

Some other basic questions:

  • When are you wanting to run the retreat?
  • How many people are there?
  • How much time do we have with you?  Typically we need 3 days or more but we have been able to make this  work in as little as 2.  However, the shorter retreats are actually MORE expensive as we have to increase the ‘extreme’ nature to create the impact we need.
  • Is there a particular part of the country you want to be in?  International?

Information for you:

  • The greater the extreme, the higher the cost.  We simply have more staff, more expertise to have available, more hard costs.  However, this is not a rigid rule, just a general rule.
  • This kind of retreat is not necessary or needed for every team.  We will be up front and honest with you with our recommendations based upon our years of successfully executing these kinds of retreats.
  • Before we get too far into the planning process, we will need to speak with the decision maker – the one who will actually approve this retreat and/or sign the check – about the first set of questions.
  • Cost!  Always a great question.  A good range is take the daily salary of a single executive and know that the retreat will be roughly 3X – 5X that amount.  For example, if an executive makes $1,000,000 per year, that is $4,500 per day ($1,000,000 / 220 days).  If you have 7 executives that make roughly that amount, then the retreat will likely be between $13,500 – $11, 250 per person or $94,500 – $157,500 total.  Your people may make less and that is just fine.
    • Our least expensive to date has been $35,000 for a group of 7 and most expensive has been $1,150,000 for a group of 8.  So, the example above is just a guide.  The final fees will vary dramatically.

We look forward to speaking with you about your group, your needs and what can be achieved!  You are ALWAYS welcome to call us right away at 800-513-8759.

Sincerely, the Be Legendary Staff

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