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Natural Leadership is our core leadership development model that is learned from an engaging two days filled with group learning and very little classroom instruction.

A Natural Leader continually develops in two areas:

Legendary Operating System (LOS):

Elements in a leader that are  permanent or semi-permanent.  Three core elements are always ‘working behind-the-scenes’ and influencing every application.  These elements are the ‘Why’ in our lives:

  • Mindset – interaction between Awareness, Beliefs and Courage to create a foundation that frames every experience and interaction  a leader will have.
  • Trust – Highly developed trust in one’s self comes from knowing and developing your LOS.  You must trust yourself in order to trust others.
  • Habits – Positive and productive habits that will naturally lead me down the road to be a great leader.

Core Applications:

Actions taken based up on the nature of each individual, style and circumstance and are ‘How’ and ‘What’ questions we may ask about leadership.  These applications are easily changed depending if the Legendary Operating System is trusted.

  • Communication – How is my communication going to impact the outcomes?  What if I changed it slightly for a better outcome?  What would I need to do?
  • Continual Learning – What am learning about right now?  What am I reading?
  • Influence – How am I coaching this person?  What could I do differently to help create a different outcome?

Three Common Starting Points:

8 Weeks to Awesome Boss

An 8-week long individualized coaching and mentoring program for small business owners and leaders of departments or divisions.

This program is designed to connect each individual on team to the highest vision to the individual daily tasks.

The net results are:

  • Full engagement of your people
  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminating ‘busy-work’
  • Consistent alignment between leader and staff

Unleash Your
Natural Leader

Most leadership development is skill-based, focusing on the application of leadership – supervision, delegation, feedback, etc.

While these leadership skills are critical, very little time and effort is put into the ‘heart’, the Legendary Operating System (LOS).

Without the LOS working well, the skills come across as inauthentic, shallow and people only do what they are told.  Result = no true engagement.

Strategic Intervention

Many challenges are complex and requires a very well thought out solution with expertise assistance.  This may be:

  • Failing business or turn-around situation
  • Serious conflict among key, important staff or leaders
  • Crisis, including personal crisis of leaders

All of these scenarios create challenges with massive ripple effects throughout your organization and requires a unique, very carefully structured and strategic approach.

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How often do you feel like Batman?

This is the impact of natural leadership.

Attend a Natural Leader Workshop and
begin your leadership adventure today.

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