Additional Details about The Legendary Leader

Assessment & Plan

Our psychologist will run you through our intake via video conference.  Additional assessments will help create the customized plan for our 6 months engagement.

Executive Residence

You will meet all four of your coaches – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – who will provide their own evaluation based upon intake results and walk through your Legendary Leadership Plan (LLP) as part of the initial coaching.

Shakubuku Experience

Participate in the greatest experience in the world –  your Shakubuku.  You will meet amazing people attempting to reach their highest potential like you and be pushed far beyond your capabilities to achieve what you know is within you – legendary.

Weekly Workouts

Your Legendary Leadership Plan (LLP) will have tailored 60-minute Workouts to keep you on track.  Your coaches will be part of your Workouts as part of our accountability system and also to help you continue to achieve results.

Ad Hoc Coaching

You have access to all of your coaches for as much as you need during our engagement.  Each coach has their own expertise and among them, an incredible amount of experience to help you achieve anything you could want.

Re-assess and Plan for Future

When nearing the end of the 6 months, you will be re-assessed in each area to gauge improvement and current performance.  You will receive a plan moving forward to continue improving beyond the engagement.

'Good' and 'Good Enough' do not exist.

Perfection is the un-attainable goal.

But Legendary is possible.

Our goal is nothing less than transformation.  A caterpillar cannot dream of flying yet we know the magic of that transformation.

Our lives become filled with the urgent and we miss the important.

In the sprint to take care of the urgent, we forget to become the butterfly, and ultimately, live a life unfulfilled.

As an executive, your responsibility is to bring out the genius in everyone around you.  How can you possibly do that when you have not completed your own transformation?

The Legendary Leader will complete your transformation, give you the clarity of vision and bring out the best in those around you.

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A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

“Unless you invest in people,
you are not going to see growth
in the long term, the medium term,
and maybe even the short term.”

– Jim Yong Kim
President of The World Bank

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