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This is a complimentary session.

During your 60 minutes, James will take you through a short exercise to help clarify your best opportunities for change and your greatest challenges.

You will speak about where you are currently, your successes, your challenges and James help you begin a development plan moving forward.

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The Founder and CEO, James Carter, will personally take time to speak with you about how we can help you.
Look at his online calendar and book a time that fits best for you.

James is the Founder and CEO of Be Legendary, a social enterprise that helps combines behavioral science with unique experiences to create moments of impact and meaningful change.

His name is James Carter and he is the co-author of 3 books with authors Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra.

Through the 10 years of research into legendary people, James has uncovered a mindset that helps people not just think outside the box, but challenge the box itself.  He will be sharing that mindset with us today.

James has worked with over 35% of Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of mid-size and small businesses, school districts, every branch of the military and even youth leadership across the country, helping anyone and everyone be more engaged in life.

He is a sought-after speaker and consultant, was recently featured in CNN for his ‘extreme retreats’ and his company was called “The Stuff of Legend” by Business Destination.

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