Take this Awareness Test and See if YOU are Limited.


Why did you miss it?

Because you were TOLD to look for something else.

We have been told and taught to look for certain things, most of them negative.  The news is a constant barrage of negative reinforcement and it becomes almost impossible to see something amazing and courageous like a moon-walking bear, even when it is right in front of your eyes, moving slowly.

It is time to control your awareness!  You have control over what you see and how you feel.

You need to unlearn what you have learned and what is consistently being taught and reinforced by our society.  Society, which includes us, wants us to stay inside of the norms and not stray too far.  If we do, we begin breaking those norms and challenging the status quo.

Legendary people are consistently one step beyond normal and it begins with challenging what we have been taught and told to search for – our Awareness.

It is time to begin seeing the moonwalking bears – the incredible actions and situations that are in front of us!

Want to see the magic you might be missing because of your limited awareness?

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