Legendary Action Gone Wrong

Is it possible to Be Legendary ALL of the time?

Recently I did something I believed to be Legendary. I uploaded a photo of two people I love to Facebook. I believe it is a great photo that captures the beauty in each one of them.

However, they both thought it was a terrible photo and that I uploaded it to have a bit of a laugh at their expense. I that were the case, I would agree, NOT Legendary.

They both sent me angry messages about the photo, throwing ‘Being Legendary’ in my face and using this positive idea as a weapon. I took the photo down, very angry with what had transpired.

They do not believe my intentions were good. In their defense, I do prank quite a bit.

Do you have any situations like this when a ‘Legendary’ action has gone wrong?

Sometimes your actions will be taken wrong – perhaps as a threat, an offer of help taken to mean I don’t think you know how to do your job.

It is this exact reason that it takes courage to be legendary. When you extend a hand, the gesture may be perceived differently than your intentions.

You cannot let this deter you from Being Legendary.

What could have been done differently in my case?

What stories of your own do you have that are similar to mine? Has it stopped you from Being Legendary?

Keep at it, don’t give up, Be Legendary!

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