Focus on Action, not Legacy

Focus on Action, not Legacy

There is a concentration and focus on ‘legacy’.  What we are leaving behind?  What is our purpose?  What will we be known for?brightspots

I LOVE this. People should focus on their legacy, their organization’s legacy.  Beginning with the end in mind makes it MUCH easier to know which direction to take and makes a great deal of logical sense.

Do you sense a ‘But…’ coming?  Indeed.

With so much focus on legacy, time is being wasted on the rendering – the actions to be taken to achieve legacy.  What are you ACTUALLY doing?  Legacy is built upon action.  Regardless of what your legacy will be, action must be taken.

I have seen a troubling number of people and executive teams wanting to spend every available moment PLANNING for legacy without any thought to the actions that will create the legacy. As if the legacy will magically appear.

In reality, the planning occurs with great fanfare and excitement and no thought or time is put into the execution, the actions.

We have hectic live and our awareness is under constant assault.  Because no plan for execution is put in place, the legacy plan goes nowhere.  When people see that no action is taken, the grand ‘legacy’ is yet one more failed endeavor that leaves people hopeless.

Having a mediocre executed plan for legacy is better than a perfect un-executed plan.

Pay attention to what is being rendered – what action are we taking and what is the result?  Take what is great and replicate.  The action creates hope, shows progress and creates additional ideas for more action moving forward.

Legacy is in the head, action is in the heart.  Until you take action and connection your heart and mind, you will not achieve the results you KNOW are possible.

You WILL make mistakes and whenever you are trying to achieve something awesome, people will criticize, scoff and sometimes ridicule.  Many of the worst offenders are the very people who want to make the most difference and are absolutely terrified to try and fail.

Have courage.  Take a risk.  Take some positive action and really let it sink in how good it feels to make a difference in someone’s life.  If you do that enough, you make yourself immune to negativity and the second-guessing of people who are sitting on their butts and doing nothing.

The world needs your action AND legacy.  Now more than ever.

Now get off your butt and go do something.

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