How my Beliefs have made the Homeless Invisable

How my Beliefs have made the Homeless Invisable

We tend to believe we know our beliefs.  We KNOW what is most important to us.

For many of us, family is what is most important – taking care of them and helping them when they need it.

But what other beliefs do we have that COMPLETELY shapes our awareness and may prevent us from recognizing our family in their greatest need?

Set aside preconceptions, set aside your beliefs and watch this 3:35 minute video.


Was your reaction like mine?

I made excuses why family didn’t see them:

  • they put makeup on them!
  • they dressed them differently!
  • they were looking down!
  • one guy was even facing away!

I made these excuses because I don’t want to face my inner truth.  I ignore homeless people because I feel bad. I feel guilty.  Sometimes I feel scared.  They will ask and I will refuse.  I will feel bad about refusing and I am the kind of person who helps others.  But there is NO end of help needed and I can’t give all my money away…  there are services for the homeless and I have heard (somewhere, right?) that giving them money encourages them NOT to use the services available.  I even read a story about a ‘homeless’ person who makes 6 figures in NY and lives in the suburbs!

The thoughts go round and round in my head and I realize I have created some beliefs that have lead me to completely ignore the homeless.  I have shut down my awareness.

After I was done making excuses during the video, I began to cry.  I don’t cry.  I was raised like many typical men in the midwest – you DO NOT cry.  But I knew, without any doubt, that I would have walked by a member of my family too had I been part of the experiment.

I realized I AM a person who helps others and I have been intentionally ignoring some of those most in need.

I may not start handing over all of my money.  I won’t be bringing a homeless person to come and live in my home.  But I AM going to find the courage and start looking them in the eye, giving them the courtesy of treating them as a human being.  I will listen to my heart and hand out what I can when it feels right.  I WILL have the courage to continue to examine my beliefs and I know I will because my awareness has just been shifted, for the better.

Listen to your own heart, examine your own beliefs and come to your own conclusions.

I realize, more than ever right now, how these three aspects – Awareness, Beliefs, Courage – interact to completely shape who we are, what we think and the actions we take.  Our researching into legendary people began with these principles and continues to shape my life and make me a better person.

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