Why do most CEO’s struggle with ‘People Problems’

Why do most CEO’s struggle with ‘People Problems’

Why do most CEOs struggle with 'people problems'?

A common question, framed incorrectly.

People are the solution NOT the problem.

The PROBLEM is that you don’t have a good system for making good decisions about your people so they can BE the solution to your business’s greatest problems.

Let me say this loud and clear for you:  PEOPLE ARE THE SOLUTION.

Let’s take a peek at some details here.

In 2019, Predictive Index surveyed 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople for the Annual CEO Benchmarking Report. PI learned that four of their five biggest business challenges were all about talent challenges.

So why is it such a struggle to hire, engage, and retain top talent?

Why do groups struggle to work together? Why is it so difficult to coach and motivate employees to work at their max capacity to achieve business goals?
These are all questions you’ve probably asked yourself before.

This is why you’re not hitting your business goals.

Our CEO survey revealed that 52 percent of the CEOs didn’t achieve their strategic goals in 2018. What’s causing this gap between goals and results?

Senior leaders develop a business strategy and they decide which operational and financial metrics they’ll measure to determine success. But what sits between the strategy and the results are people. And too many leaders don’t have an end-to-end talent strategy that works.

Good news: A solution exists to close the gap, and it’s called talent optimization.  Below is a brief overview.

Business context MUST frame talent endeavors.

Talent optimization is informed by business strategy and it produces desired business results.

In this way, business context “wraps” talent optimization. It provides essential context that will guide everything you do, from designing your organization’s structure to evaluating the abilities of your senior leadership team.

Create a system for high performance in leaders and teams using predictive data.

Most companies don’t know how to assemble high-performing teams.

They don’t know how to manage their people in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.
Leaders create a business strategy.
Leaders monitor business results.
But the same leaders fail to do the key “people work” in between—you know, empowering, engaging and truly leading the employees executing the business strategy.
Result?  Leaders fail to reach their goals and results suffer.
Talent optimization is a human system you can replicate to create high-performing leaders at EVERY LEVEL.  These leaders will align your business strategy with your people strategy and far exceed business results.

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While you can repeat the initiative, during our 6-12 month initiative, we will:
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  • Help your leaders engage and inspire your people and gain a deep understanding of how to continue long after we are gone
  • Teach your leaders a repeatable step-by-step process that every new person to your business will go through on their way to achieving incredible results

Be Legendary is the ONLY leadership development company
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We are the Anti-Consultants

We don’t just tell you what to do and wish you good luck as we wave goodbye.

We like to get our hands dirty!  We support CEOs and business leaders to achieve business results through talent optimization.
We design and deliver highly impactful experiences to launch talent optimization, integrate into on-boarding, as a consistent opportunity for your people to give back or any number of ways, including breaking charitable Guinness World Records!
Below is some snapshots of how we have worked with companies to great a true emotional experience that connects heart and mind to outcome.

The companies that thrive today are those with the courage to disrupt the status quo.

Here are a few of the hundreds we’ve partnered with:

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