Family Shakubuku

Rediscover who you and your child are together, through the experience of a lifetime.

Spring Break 2023
Hacienda Diamante, Costa Rica

What is Shakubuku?

Shakubuku is learning and living the definition, “to bring happiness to all people by awakening them to their inherent greatness.

By the time we are in our early teens, we have begun building a thick shell to protect ourselves from ridicule, criticism, anger and much more.  Many times that negativity comes from the people closest to us – our family, friends, teachers, sports coaches.

Look at our symbol – the snail walking away from it’s thick shell.  This is Shakubuku.  It requires Awareness, known Beliefs and a tremendous amount of Courage.

Learning and living Shakubuku with someone significant in your life will forever shift your relationship in a positive direction.

Give this gift of Shakubuku to you and your family.

Why Shakubuku?

After hundreds of retreats with executive teams bring people together over shared experiences and create monumental life shifts that create bonds deep into personal lives.  This is profoundly uncommon ‘at work’.

During our retreats we have heard a version of the same tragic story over and over from executives:

“I’m so busy and travel so much that now when I come home I feel like a stranger in my own home.  I feel disconnected from their daily lives. They have no idea how hard it is or that I do it all for them.  Even worse, I don’t know what to do to change it.  I am completely torn between my job and my family.  How do I fix this?”

Shakubuku is the solution.

Your Family Shakubuku

Nothing is more important than our relationships specifically the ones we have with our children and our significant other.  Yet, many times work takes first place. Even after your Shakubuku experience work must still be a priority yet the difference will be the relationship strategies that are made during the Shakubuku.

Overcoming adversity and challenges, solving problems together, understanding each other’s motivations and setting up family  agreements moving forward are just a few ways we will help you and your child bridge the divide in a wonderful way.

This experience is not a ‘fix’.  It is a ‘reset’; a new beginning for the relationship with your teenager.

This is not a vacation getaway and it’s not a therapy session. It certainly is not a tour.  But you do get to leave the details to us!

Family Shakubuku is designed to be one parent and one child brought together in a fabulous location to reshape your relationship for the rest of your lives.  Two parents and two children is absolutely welcome as well!

Most adventures are designed for older children in their teenage years.  However, that is not a hard rule.

Experiences are all inclusive.  You pay to get to our location, we take care of everything else.

What Do We Get?

Stunning Location

Hacienda Diamante is a wondrous place.  Complete with professional chefs and accommodations centered around adventure, you will not be disappointed in this 7,000 sq foot luxury location!

Discovery & Dialogue

Facilitated dialogue by professionals will help you get back on the right track.  We use structured systems to help you understand each other’s motivations and communication style.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Experience is the best teacher.  Adventure is the best experience.  Not only is this a unique location, the entire Family Shakubuku is like nothing you have ever considered.  We guarantee it!

What is Shakabuku really like?

A swift spiritual kick to the head,
altering your reality forever.

Minnie Driver, Gross Pointe Blank

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The Journey is a Mystery

Experience is the best teacher.
We don’t want to spoil too many surprises.

Know that it begins with an adventure, is filled with structured conversation and is an absolute blast.

Essential things to note

How to Get There

San Jose Costa Rica airport, SJO, is the closest international airport.  From there, Hacienda Diamante, in the Diamante Adventure Park is roughly a 4 hours journey.  You will receive detailed instructions after applying (see below).

Where to Stay

Everyone is staying at the Hacienda Diamante.  Each parent/child has their own master suite and full access to the 7,000 square foot luxury home.  All food and beverage is included.

When to Arrive and Depart

Arrive as early as possible on the first day.  You get to pick your rooms depending upon who arrives first!  We will finish at noon on the 19th and will arrange a shuttle for you to the San Jose airport after lunch.

Apply Now to Get YOUR Invite

Take the first step to joining us in Shakubuku by applying for your invite here

We ask you to apply only to ensure we know you and your child/family are a good fit for what we are offering so expectations are exactly the same for all of us.  We only want FUN surprises!  On our 30 minute call, we will talk about your family as well as any special needs you may have.

WARNING:  There is only space for 10 people total, so 5 parent/teenager pairs.

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