Can You Be Legendary 100% of the Time?

Aren’t there times you just want to be mean? You want to punish? You want to simply slam the door in someones face?

There are very few people in the world like the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa.  And we know even they get/got frustrated from time to time.

Occasionally doing the wrong thing is part of being human. It is what you do with that ‘wrong thing’ that will Be Legendary.

Do you apologize for what you have done?
Do you take responsibility?
Or do you simply hope it will be forgotten?

Everyone around you watches the way you treat others. Being Legendary is about being the person your children believe you are.

Being Legendary is not about doing something positive for someone when you have the free time.

It’s about creating a living legacy of the world you create around you.

In good times, your true friends will find you. In bad times, you will find you friends!

Make sure you are creating the legacy in your friendships.

In the meantime, Be Legendary is about giving the world  your best.  And your best will change daily, even hourly.  So give yourself the credit you deserve, be humble and make sure you are creating the world YOU want.

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