Live Your Values

Live to your values.

We spend more time grocery shopping than we do thinking about what we value in life.

If we are Living a Legendary Life, there is no need for work / life balance.  Work and life will balance itself naturally.

The video below does a great job explaining this.

When was the last time you sat down and REALLY thought about your values?

When was the last time you wrote any of them down? If you are like most people, you have NEVER written them down.

Take some time for yourself and think about what is most important. Then, look at how you spend your day. Do these two make sense to you? If not, you are probably experiencing some dissonance in your life. Now you may begin to understand where that is coming from and begin to make changes.

Really examining your values and behaviors every so often is a very important way to spend your time. Talk about your values with friends and family, especially your children.

Let your behavior be a model for the values you have.  Is this your behavior, in the short video above


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