Be Good

In the short film Be Good, Joe is the ultimate slacker, hung over and screwed up.

During a rare sober moment as he turns 30, Joe decides it’s suddenly time to become a responsible person. Lurching hilariously toward that goal, he’s more shocked than anyone at the surprise ending that finally gives meaning to his life.

Sometimes it can be tough to do the right thing!  But every once in a while, being in the right place at the right time is enough.

We can all hope that the post script involved Joe turning his life around for real and continuing to make a difference.  While this does not fit the definition of Being Legendary, we all must start somewhere.  

The person I most admire in this entire film is the fellow in the park who tells Joe, “That is not who you are, Joe.”  How often do you speak up when you see someone litter, cut in line or some other small injustice?  

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